Starting at $18.33 per hour, and the at your 3-year anniversary you will hit the top rate currently at $25.40 per hour.

The recruitment process will start in February of 2018 to have 11 Bus Operators starting in April/May.

If you’re interested and don’t have a license, Metro can still work with you IF you have a permit for a Class B license with a Passenger Endorsement (CDL with a P). To accomplish this, the person simply needs to go the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, get the study guide, and send in the request (with a $35 payment) to get a date to take a written test. We advise you to start doing this now because they won’t get a date mailed back to them for about 2 weeks, and the test date will mostly like be another 2-3 weeks out.

METRO cannot hire you unless you have that permit as you cannot go through the training and drive the buses without the permit.

We are looking for people who have excellent customer service skills, and who are available to work at any time during the 7 days as we run buses 7 days a week and our buses start out at 5 am and the last bus returns at
about 11:30 at night. We are also a union so “jobs” (routes/times/which days off) are all “bid” and the most
senior person chooses the job they want first and it goes down to the last junior person. By Union contract we
have a 12-hour window to schedule the operator’s 8-hour shift, so we do have what we call split shifts. Someone
could work 4 hours on, have 4 hours off, and then work 4 hours.

During training pay is $10.58 per hour but once you pass the training (and if someone has a permit we give them 2 tries to pass the driving test, if they do not pass we have to terminate the relationship.), you are moved to $18.33 per hour. At your year anniversary the pay goes up, it does this each year until at your 3-year anniversary you hit the top rate (currently $25.40 per hour). Our benefits are very generous as well.

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