About NMRC

Mission & Vision

The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) is a Portland Adult Education program serving immigrants, refugees and employers in the Greater Portland area.

Our mission is to support Maine's economic development by facilitating the professional integration of immigrants and refugees, and by meeting employers' demands for a skilled and culturally diverse workforce.

Our vision is to grow Maine's economy by fully utilizing the skills of foreign trained professionals; to help employers hire and retain qualified workers for a skilled and diverse workforce; and to help Maine's immigrants and refugees overcome barriers and re-enter their professions.

We provide skilled professionals programs, employment and case management, intensive classes focused on job readiness skills, networking opportunities, workshops and other services designed to help New Mainers, of all professions, overcome barriers to enter the US workforce. NMRC participants can also take advantage of other classes and programs offered at Portland Adult Education and by community partners.

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Our Team

Bridget Kahn
Instructor & Projects Coordinator

Deborah Breiting

Instructor & Projects Coordinator

Mora Katz


Sally Sutton
Program Coordinator

Tabin Tangila

Program Associate
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