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  • A Maine Department of Labor SafetyWorks! OSHA training sponsored by NMRC
Transitioning immigrants into the community

Transitioning immigrants into the community

Portland is not a large city by national standards – its population stands at about 67,000 people – but it is equipped with more than a dozen agencies with the sole purpose of helping immigrants.

New Mainers Resource Center 2018/2019 Annual Report

New Mainers Resource Center 2018 Annual Report Executive Summary New Mainers Resource Center Mission The mission of the New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) is to support Maine's economic development by meeting employers' demands for a skilled and culturally diverse...

NMRC PAE Hidden Talent Press Release

New Report Highlights Hidden Talents of Maine’s Immigrants and the Challenges with Professional Licensing – New Mainers Resource Center Releases a Series of Licensing Guides for Skilled Professionals The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC), a Portland Adult Education...

PAE Education Academy Release

PAE Education Academy Release

As part of the Teach Portland initiative to build and diversify its educator workforce, the Portland Public Schools will be launching an Education Academy.

Marie Louise M.

(Pharmacist from Burundi) “It is a pleasure for me to express my gratitude to NMRC for their support since my arrival here in Portland, Maine in early 2015. I would not be where I am today, had I not benefited from their tremendous support. Even though I had knowledge...

Claude & Jolie M.

Claude - “Since I was first in touch with the New Mainers Resource Center in August 2015 I have received a range of support that has allowed me to learn and improve my English. Among other things this included: working in the computer lab, having my diploma translated...