Equivalencies – Credential Evaluations | Part 1: What Are They?

Written by Sally Sutton, Program Coordinator, NMRC

Published by Amjambo Africa! | September 10, 2022

Sally Sutton, Program Coordinator, NMRC

Sally Sutton, MAPPA, MSSW, is the Program Coordinator for NMRC.

The New Mainers Resource Center at Portland Adult Education works with New Mainers who come to the U.S. with college degrees and years of experience. Most people want to know if their college degrees will be recognized as they look for jobs, apply to schools, or seek licensing in their professions.

Will a degree be recognized? The answer is it depends. This is Part 1 of a two-part series that tries to answer that question. Part 1 explains what a credential evaluation is, and Part 2 will discuss when an evaluation needs to be done.

Determining the U.S. equivalent of a degree is a complicated and expensive process that depends on someone’s educational and professional background, the country where the education took place, and whether there is access to transcripts and diplomas.

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