Webinar: Foreign Trained Health Professional Licensing Project Report (MDF)

Presented June 18, 2021

Nurse administering ear-drops to patientAccording to the Migration Policy Institute, an estimated 263,000
immigrants and refugees with at least a four-year degree in a health field have largely been sidelined, either employed in jobs that require no more than a high school diploma or are out of work. (Migration Policy Institute)
Most foreign trained physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others, who are living in Maine, are not able to practice in Maine. Barriers are currently too great for most to overcome.

This webinar, presented by Sally Sutton, Program Coordinator of the New Mainers Resource Center, reviews the findings of the NMRC-PAE Foreign Trained Health Professional Licensing Pilot Project Report with the Maine Development Foundation. The purpose of the report was to research ways to increase diversity and cultural competence of the health workforce by identifying strategies to reduce the barriers that foreign trained health professionals face.

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