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The New Mainers Resource Center offers workforce and academic advisement and support for healthcare professionals trained and credentialed prior to coming to the US.

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Credential Evaluations & Professional Licensing

Are you licensed, certified, or have professional training in your home country in healthcare or other professions? Your existing credentials, or a portion of them, may be eligible to transfer to the US. Learn more about credential evaluations and professional licensing before you explore other options below.

Resources for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

If you have experience and training as a health professional in your home country, find resources below to help become certified in the US.

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Registered Nurses

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Maine Physicians Guide for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals


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Maine Physical Therapy Guide for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

Physical Therapists

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New Report Provides Framework for Upskilling Maine’s Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

Foreign-Trained Health Professionals examining an imageThe New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) at Portland Adult Education (PAE) has released Report of the Foreign-Trained Health Professionals Licensing Pilot Project with findings and recommendations aimed to reduce the barriers that foreign trained health professionals face in obtaining employment in the healthcare field.

The recommendations from this report come at a critical time as Maine’s healthcare systems struggle with COVID-19 and disparity in health continues among minority populations. Establishing quicker and more cost-effective pathways for immigrant healthcare professionals to return to practice could result in a significant increase in the diversity and cultural competency of the state’s healthcare workforce which is one way to begin addressing these health disparities.

Implementation of the recommendations in the report will address the state’s need for healthcare workers in a number of ways. Implementation of the recommendations should:

  • Help foreign trained healthcare workers reach their highest potential
  • Address the state’s goal to achieve a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce
  • Meet the needs of healthcare employers, and address the state’s healthcare workforce shortages
  • Attract skilled healthcare workers to Maine

Funding for the Foreign Trained Health Professional Licensing Pilot Project research came from the Maine Health Access Foundation.

For more information or questions about the report, get in touch!