Physical Therapists

Resource Guide for Foreign-Trained Physical Therapists

There are many steps involved in qualifying to be a physical therapist in the US. Here are some tools to help guide you.

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Foreign-Trained Physical Therapist
Maine Physical Therapy Guide for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

Maine Physical Therapy Guide for Foreign-Trained Professionals

This guide is specifically for foreign-trained and/or credentialed physical therapists. This guide contains detailed information about all requirements.

Physical Therapists

The Maine Board of Physical Therapists is able to exercise discretion regarding requirements to be approved for the licensing exam. It is worth making sure the candidate is in contact with them throughout the process.

Required Exams for Physical Therapists:

  • An English proficiency exam will be required if coursework was not taught in English. As of now, the TOEFL, TSE-P, and the TWE are acceptable.
  • NPTE — The National Physical Therapy Exam is required in order to practice.

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