Registered Nurses

Resource Guide for Foreign-Trained Registered Nurses

There are many steps involved in qualifying to be a Registered Nurse in Maine. Here are some tools to help guide you.

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Foreign-Trained Registered Nurse
Maine Nursing Guide for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

Maine Nursing Guide for Foreign-Trained Professionals

This RN Licensing Guide is specifically for foreign-trained and/or credentialed nurses. This guide contains detailed information about all of the requirements.

Nursing Degrees

In addition to the resources listed below, keep in mind that many employers have recruitment and tuition reimbursement programs that may not exist for other health professionals.

There are two kinds of Registered Nursing degrees:

  • a 4-year BSN
  • a 2-year ADN

The jobs and pay are the same and you can earn your BSN through online programs while working.

Required Exams for RNs:

  • NCLEX Exam — The National Council of State Boards of Nursing Exam is required to become a licensed RN in Maine.
    • NCLEX EXAM COST: $200
    • Only those who have completed the requirements set by the Maine State Board of Nursing may take this exam. You must apply to take this test. See more details in the RN Nursing Guide.
    • The NCLEX is required in order to practice as a registered nurse in Maine.
    • NCLEX Study Materials:
    • Online NCLEX Preparation Courses:
      • NCLEX-RN® QBank — The Princeton Review purchased 1,920 NCLEX Practice questions from the National Council on State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to help you pass the NCLEX exam. Princeton Review cost: $199.00 (with NCSBN discount)
    • TOEFL — This will be required unless there is an exemption.

    MD to RN

    Many foreign-trained physicians choose an RN path. If this is the case, they would need to earn a US nursing degree. What is important is making sure they receive as much credit as possible from medical school.

    Nurse Practitioner

    Many RNs continue their education to become Nurse Practitioners. This is also an option for foreign-trained physicians because an NP is an independent provider. However, most programs available require a BSN to enter.

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