Foreign Trained Professionals: Maine’s Hidden Talent Pool

Published November 20, 2018

Students in class for a foreign-trained health professionalsThe New Mainers Resource Center has produced a report highlighting the skills and education of Maine’s foreign trained professionals and the challenges they face resuming their professions.

The report is based on an analysis of national and local occupational licensing policies, a review of professional licensing for several key professions in Maine, and NMRC’s experience working with hundreds of foreign trained professionals each year and the challenges they face as they seek to re-start their careers in Maine.

Our findings and recommendations cut across the decentralized system of licensing. Some recommendations may be very minor including how information should be displayed on a licensing board’s website and others may attempt to address systemic issues regarding access to documents or resources needed to cover the costs associated with licensing.

For more information or questions about the report, get in touch!

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