(Pharmacist from Burundi)

“It is a pleasure for me to express my gratitude to NMRC for their support since my arrival here in Portland, Maine in early 2015. I would not be where I am today, had I not benefited from their tremendous support. Even though I had knowledge of some basic English, I would not have landed a job in my field if I had not taken English lessons, job search workshops and taken advantage of the computer lab and other job transition courses sponsored by NMRC. I have gained more knowledge that I am applying in my work that will surely help in my professional advancement. For example, I had the chance to learn some technical English, which I am now using in my job which is in the medical field (pharmacy). NMRC staff consistently followed-up to ensure I succeeded. They assisted me in finding a job, provided great recommendations during my job search, and until today, they check on me to see how I am doing at work. I cannot thank them enough for their care and professionalism.”