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The New Mainers Resource Center supports foreign-trained professionals to restart their careers in the US.

Job Opportunities for New Mainers

Resources for Job Seekers

What are the first steps?

Our offerings are designed to help job seekers, of all qualifications and professions, successfully integrate and thrive in the US workforce.

PAE’s workforce training programs are developed in partnership with employers, making sure that students who complete the programs have the skills employers want and are ready to be hired.

Area employers are actively involved in our programs, visiting classrooms or holding information sessions about their companies, meeting one on one with students, providing mock interviews, as well as hiring graduates.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

Are you looking to improve skills you learned in your home country? Explore new skills and opportunities? Or are you ready to search for an open positions or start your own business?

Select a stage to move forward on your career path:

Maine Nursing Guide

Education & Training

Do you need to learn English, explore a new profession, or simply want to hone skills you already have to align with the US job market? If you need help paying for your education, you can find Scholarship & Loan information here, as well.

Maine Physicians Guide for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

Employment Services

Do you already have the experience and training you need to enter the US workforce? Find current job openings plus resources for résumé building and job interview preparation.

Maine Physicians Guide for Foreign-Trained Health Professionals

Start Your Own Business

If you’re ready to go it alone and launch your own business, click here to find resources to help guide you on your journey.

“There is no question that the foreign-born population is key to being able to grow Maine’s economy.”

Dana F. Conners,
President of the Maine Chamber of Commerce