Our offerings are designed to help job seekers, of all qualifications and professions, successfully integrate and thrive in the US workforce. Area employers are actively involved in our programs, visiting classrooms or holding information sessions about their companies, meeting one on one with students, providing mock interviews, as well as hiring graduates. PAE’s workforce training programs are developed in partnership with employers, making sure that students who complete the programs have the skills employers want and are ready to be hired.

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The New Mainers Resource Center supports foreign trained professionals to restart their careers in the U.S. If you’re interested in learning more about our programming and meeting with us, please Get in Touch.


These include:

  • English classes related to specific professions and sectors
  • US workplace culture class
  • Computer literacy training
  • Development of a job search portfolio
  • Application and resume writing assistance
  • Job skills and interview preparation
  • Assistance with credential evaluations and professional licensing
  • Test prep for licensing or school
  • Sector focused programs such as Education Academy, Teller Training, CDL Test Prep, Health Profession

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Skilled Professionals Program

This program, for job seekers with previous experience and college courses or a university degree, includes:

  • Career guidance and intensive case management
  • Assistance with credential review and licensing requirements
  • Assistance with job search activities
  • Facilitation of professional networking opportunities with other professionals, including employers

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