2021-2022 NMRC Annual Report

Published January 8, 2023

NMRC logoSince it was founded in 2013, NMRC’s role at PAE has evolved to meet the ever changing needs of students and employers and other programmatic shifts at PAE. There has been a growing recognition of the need to integrate NMRC services more fully throughout PAE programing as the best way to meet those needs. During the past several years the number and type of workforce training programs developed and offered by PAE has expanded. The number of new Mainer students participating in those courses has also increased. There has also been a need to provide more career advising to PAE students generally and especially those students who are participating in PAE’s workforce courses. With the labor market shortages and the move to remote services, there has been a need to look for different ways to be more effective in responding to employers who are contacting NMRC and PAE for assistance with their recruitment efforts.

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