We work with employers to determine their needs for skilled and culturally diverse workers, and thus connect them with qualified and motivated candidates. Portland Adult Education has close to 1,000 students who walk through our doors each day. Hence, through us, employers can reach a wide range of candidates.

Greater Portland-area businesses will receive:

  • Free and personalized access to a trained, vetted and qualified pool of candidates
  • Free advertising and promotion for job fairs, listings and recruitment
  • Employer-driven training
  • Retention support
  • Enriched cultural workplace environment

Employers Play an Important Role with NMRC

Employers play an important role in NMRC and PAE programming. We work to help address their needs for skilled and culturally diverse workers, and connect them to qualified and motivated candidates. Employer input about their workforce needs, potential job openings, what they’re looking for in job applicants is critical for how we prepare our students. Employers are also an integral part of our programing, doing mock and informational interviews, providing job shadowing and internship opportunities, mentoring, helping facilitate professional groups and workshops. This involvement helps us make sure our program participants are qualified candidates and prepared for the jobs for which they apply. Additionally, PAE, through its workforce training program, has the ability to work hand in hand with employers to design a training program that meets that employer’s specific workforce needs.

The New Mainer Hannaford Retail Leadership Internship Program is a good example of the type of program that can be developed:

Please Contact Us

If you are looking to hire skilled, culturally diverse and motivated workers please fill out and submit our online Employer Form to share with us information about your company and your current hiring needs. We will be happy to be in touch as soon as possible in order to help you find the best candidate match for your company.

Programs developed in response to employer needs

  • Some of NMRC/PAE’s most successful workforce programs were developed in response to an employer expressed need:
    NMRC’s Education Academy was developed with input from Portland Public Schools on how to support new Mainer teachers becoming Ed Techs and teachers in local schools.
  • Working with more than a dozen financial institutions, the New Mainer Teller Training program is co-taught by PAE teachers and representatives of the financial institutions to prepare people to be hired as tellers and move forward with a career in banking
    • Comments from an employer about the Teller Training Program: “This program is a great starting point for the tellers and continued focus on customer service and professionalism in the workplace is a huge benefit from the employer perspective because we can then teach the banking pieces specific to that institution to round it all out.”
    • Comments from Teller Training students:
      • From one student: “Thanks to the teachers and NMRC staff for helping me get this job. I like it and I’m very happy.”
      • From another student: “I was about to give up, but you guys accompanied me until I was hired. So thank you for your commitment to the program.”

If you are interested in partnering around the development of some type of training, recruitment or internship program to meet a specific workforce need, we want to hear from you. Please use our contact our program form and we’ll be back in touch to discuss your company’s needs for training, hiring or if you want to get involved in our program.

You can also contact our program at any time to discuss your company’s needs for training, hiring or if you want to get involved in our program.

As a Volunteer

Portland Adult Education (PAE) and the New Mainers Resource Center have a great need for volunteers.

NMRC Volunteers

The New Mainers Resource Center uses volunteers in a variety of ways connected to a student’s profession and their individual strategies and plans for pursuing their careers. Volunteer activities can range from assisting an individual student with their job search to working with NMRC staff to design programming or raise funds. Volunteers facilitate professional groups, mentor students, offer classes and workshops, do mock and informational interviews, speak to classes, assist with employer networking, review technical terminology and materials related to the students’ professions, mentor professional students re-entering the medical, engineering, educational, legal, and other fields, assist with program development and also serve as advisors to NMRC staff.

PAE Volunteers

Portland Adult Education can use volunteers to assist in classrooms, and work with students to improve their English.

There are also opportunities to work with PAE students to reinforce conversation, reading and writing done in class. Some volunteers help students prepare for their citizenship test. Math tutors are also needed for individual instruction.

Tutoring sessions take place at the Portland Adult Education building on 14 Locust St. and usually occur once a week for an hour. Classroom volunteering is once a week for 2 hours.

Find the PAE Volunteer Application Form here.

For more information, kindly get in touch with us.


Financial Donations

The demand for the services provided by the New Mainers Resource Center far exceeds available resources to provide those services. NMRC programs are supported by a range of funding sources including: foundation grants, support from businesses, contracts, in-kind volunteer services, gifts from individuals and state and local funds. While we are very appreciative for this generous support, for the most part it is only short-term. This means that each year we are actively seeking funding to support our work.

To learn about how you can support us financially and/or make an online donation, please visit the PAE website and the Friends of Portland Adult Education (FPAE) website.

Donations for the New Mainers Resource Center can also be mailed to:

Portland Adult Education
14 Locust Street
Portland, ME 04101
Attn: Miyabi “Abbie” Yamamoto, Executive Director

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