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Skilled Professional Program

Program Goal

The goal of the program is to bridge the need for a more culturally and linguistically diverse workforce and the untapped resource of skilled foreign trained professionals living in Maine. For new Mainers with a Bachelor degree or above, services are provided through the Skilled Professional Program and include:

  • Career guidance and intensive case management
  • English courses related to specific profession
  • Employer and professional networking
  • Job search skills
  • Assistance with credential review and licensing
  • Online computer tutorials and assistance with job search
  • Coordination with other training and service providers
  • Other services as needed

For all new Mainers, a number of other programs are offered. For more information contact:

Sally Sutton, Program Coordinator  suttos@portlandschools.org  (207) 874-8155

Jerry Mopembe, Program Associate mopemj@portlandschools.org  (207) 874-8155

Email us at info@nmrcmaine.org or come in to Portland Adult Education, 14 Locust St., Portland, Maine 04101

How to Access Services

Initial referral for services should be made to Sally Sutton, Program Coordinator, who will assess an individual’s appropriateness for the program and work with client to develop a career plan, refer to other services as indicated by plan, and provide continued guidance and support as needed, working toward short, medium and long term goals. For those clients that may not be quite ready for the program due to lower English proficiency, an initial assessment may be done to determine when it would be appropriate to return for services, and referrals will be made, possibly into the other NMRC programs.

NMRC Initial Intake Form

Target Population

Skilled foreign trained professionals who have a bachelor’s degree or above and possibly some work experience and are in the higher English literacy ranges are the target population for this program. There are no restrictions on where a person lives, but since the pilot is at Portland Adult Ed, the initial focus is on providing services that people can access in Portland. To the extent that someone can participate in our programs in Portland, they are welcome to do so.

Job Class Programs

Through the Portland Jobs Alliance two different job readiness courses are offered several times throughout the year.

Job Class A

This is a class designed for immigrants with low/intermediate English language skills who are searching for their first jobs in the U.S. The class is an intensive 7-week training which includes job search skills, English for work, U.S. workplace culture, and basic computer skills. Area employers are actively involved in the program, visiting the classroom to share information about their companies, providing mock interview practice as well as hiring graduates. Graduates of the program receive a certificate detailing their attendance hours and competency achieved in 12 employability standards. They also participate in one-on-one job search support with their teachers and Job Developers from participating service agencies.

Job Class B

Similar to Job Class A, this class will be geared for higher English proficiency students placed at ESOL level 5 and higher who will be looking to either advance their work situations or apply for work in entry-level career fields where students can begin to apply their professional, transferable skills. Additional focus will be put on writing etiquette for the workplace. This course will run on Tues, Wed and Thursday mornings. Students in both courses can participate in computer tutorials and receive assistance with online job search tools and meet with job developers. Prior to enrolling in either of the above classes, students must participate in an Intake Session scheduled prior to the start of each course.

Additional Workshops and Offerings

In adition to the above offerings, a number of workshops and other courses are offered throughout the year that focus on job readiness skills such as interviewing, networking, customer service skills, job search strategies, etc. Please contact us for information about any of these offerings. In addition, feel free to print out our brochure!

Services Offered

High level English speakers can attend a semester-long class which is designed for candidates who have intermediate to high English language skills. The class provides exposure to US job search practices and opportunities for the participants to network with area employers who share information about their companies and present on different topics such as career planning, and tips on interviewing. Emphasis is put on workplace writing and communication. (Job Class B)

  • Participants with low level English skills can attend a more intensive training which includes on-the-job English, US workplace culture, and job search skills. At the end of the 8-week training, graduates receive a certificate which on the back lists twelve areas of employability competencies and an assessment of the student’s individual mastery of each area. (Job Class A)
  • Both levels have the opportunity to participate in computer tutorials and receive assistance with their online job search
  • Students can meet with Job Developers to assist them in their job search
  • We also provide support and resources to area employers. We offer free candidate referrals, mediation services, training assistance and follow-up support

Information about intakes for the Winter 2016 classes can be found on the Job Class Intake Schedule.

For Information about the Job Classes or other Job Readiness workshops or courses contact:

Job Class A: Bridget Kahn, Instructor/Projects Coordinator kahnb@portlandschools.org

Job Class B: Deborah Breiting, Teacher/Projects Coordinator breitd@portlandschools.org