The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) is a Portland Adult Education program serving immigrants, refugees and employers in the Greater Portland area.

We provide skilled professionals programs, employment and case management, intensive classes focused on job readiness skills, networking opportunities, workshops and other services designed to help New Mainers, of all professions, overcome barriers to enter the US workforce. NMRC participants can also take advantage of other classes and programs offered at Portland Adult Education and by community partners.

Our Location

14 Locust St, Portland
ME 04101, USA


14 Locust St, Portland
ME 04101, USA

2016 Milestones

We provided services to 438 individuals.

299 received career advice, 285 participated in other NMRC offerings, 241 received both.

77% of those who were eligible to work and received career advice found employment.

*You can learn more about our 2016 accomplishments and our goals for the future by downloading our 2016 Annual Report

Our Services

For Job Seekers

Our offerings are designed to help job seekers, of all qualifications and professions, successfully integrate and thrive in the US workforce.

For Employers

We work with employers to determine their needs for skilled and culturally diverse workers, and thus connect them with qualified and motivated candidates.

Maine's Welcome Back Center

We are part of the Welcome Back Initiative whose mission is to build a bridge between internationally trained health workers living in the United States and the need for linguistically and culturally competent health services in underserved communities.

Claude – “Since I was first in touch with the New Mainers Resource Center in August 2015 I have received a range of support that has allowed me to learn and improve my English. Among other things this included: working in the computer lab, having my diploma translated and evaluated, receiving training specific to my profession such as OSHA and understanding the national electrical code, and finally, through Job Class B, I have learned how to network and search for a job in my field and understand employer expectations. All of this has enabled me to accept a position as a Substation Technician at Electric Power Systems.”

Jolie – “I came to the US with a bachelor’s degree in public health from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I received the help I needed to study English at PAE and through Job Class A I learned how to search for a job. I am now working in a nursing home as a Personal Support Specialist/Certified Residential Medication Aide.”

“We are grateful to the New Mainers Resource Center and Portland Adult Education for the help that they provided to us.”

Claude & Jolie M