Welcome to The New Mainers Resource Center

The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) is a Portland Adult Education program serving immigrants, refugees, and employers in the Greater Portland area.

NMRC is proud to be affiliated with the Welcome Back Initiative, a national program committed to building a bridge between foreign-trained health workers and the need for health services in underserved communities.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help New Mainers and foreign-trained professionals overcome barriers to enter the US workforce, to provide advice and support to assist new Mainers become credentialed in the US, and we also work with employers so we can connect them with qualified and motivated candidates.

Career Advancement

Our offerings are designed to help people of all qualifications and professions, including immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees, successfully integrate and thrive in the US workforce and move forward in their careers

Credentials & Licensing

Learn about the services NMRC provides to support the need for foreign-trained professionals to navigate credential evaluation and professional licensing to become qualified to work in the US.

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For Employers

NMRC works with closely with local employers to provide training and support to foreign-trained immigrants and New Mainers as well as helping those employers find skilled and qualified employees from a diverse pool of applicants.

2020/2021 Milestones

COVID had a significant impact on PAE operations and required a change from all in person classes and services to all remote classes.

We provided services to 280 individuals: 118 were new to NMRC, 162 people were returning.

62% of new Mainers served by NMRC have a Bachelor’s degrees or higher;
90% had some college.

Portland Adult Education served a total of 1,676 students: 934 were new students, 742 were returning students.

Hotspots loaned to students:
2019-2020: 0
2020-2021: 380

Sector specific programs such as Education Academy, Teller Training, and Child Development programs, which include employer partners, continued to be successful at offering training that leads people directly into jobs.

PAE served a total of 1,676 students:
934 new students
742 returning students

Devices loaned to students:
2019-2020: 0
2020-2021: 516

New and updated Professional Licensing Guides for: Electricians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Doctors

*You can learn more about our 2020/2021 accomplishments and our goals for the future by downloading our NMRC 2020/2021 Annual Report

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Our Location

14 Locust St, Portland
ME 04101, USA


14 Locust St, Portland
ME 04101, USA

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