The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) is a Portland Adult Education program serving immigrants, refugees and employers in the Greater Portland area.

We provide skilled professionals programs, employment and case management, intensive classes focused on job readiness skills, networking opportunities, workshops and other services designed to help New Mainers, of all professions, overcome barriers to enter the US workforce. NMRC participants can also take advantage of other classes and programs offered at Portland Adult Education and by community partners.

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Our Location

14 Locust St, Portland
ME 04101, USA


14 Locust St, Portland
ME 04101, USA

Work Opportunities

2018 Milestones

We provided services to 576 individuals.

73% of new Mainers served by NMRC have a Bachelor’s degrees or higher.

308 received career advice, 181 continued from previous years, 217 were new in 2018

93% of those who were eligible to work and receiving case management and career advising  found employment.

*You can learn more about our 2018 accomplishments and our goals for the future by downloading our 2018 Annual Report



Our Services

For Job Seekers

Our offerings are designed to help job seekers, of all qualifications and professions, successfully integrate and thrive in the US workforce.

For Employers

We work with employers to determine their needs for skilled and culturally diverse workers, and thus connect them with qualified and motivated candidates.

Credential Evaluations and Professional Licensing

NMRC provides advice about the credential evaluation process. We also provide services to skilled professionals who need assistance understanding and pursuing the professional licensing process, and have produced a series of licensing guides to help people through the process, as well as a report with a number of findings and recommendations on removing barriers to licensing. 

I’m originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I’m grateful to Portland Adult Education for contributing to the success of my career.

Before coming to the U.S., I studied and worked as an Electro Mechanical Engineer. When I arrived in Maine, I was feeling discouraged because I knew it was not going to be easy for me to return to my career.  I had a foreign degree, and even though I had years of experience, without the help of Portland Adult Education, finding work was not going to be easy.

In June 2016, I registered at PAE to improve my English fluency and vocabulary skills. Earlier this year, I enrolled in the NMRC Job Class Program. This program not only helped me to gain more confidence in job interviews, but it also gave me a better understanding of how to market myself more effectively to employers. These are things I wasn’t quite sure about before.

I knew little about the American culture, such as body language and other gestures.

Pursuing my career, which seemed very challenging at the beginning, is now much easier. Right now I am pleased to say I am hired since last July by On Semiconductor, formerly known as Fairchild Semiconductor as a full time Maintenance Technician.  I really enjoy my job now and my new company!

Thank you to the Portland Adult Education team, instructors, administrators, and partners for your support!

Sam Kaking